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100G Raw SEA Hair Burmese Thick Double Drawn high-quality Weft bundles

$150.00 - $675.00

"Unleash your natural beauty with Raw Hair Guru's Burma collection! Choose from:

• Curly: Indulge in pillow-soft ringlets that embrace your natural texture
• Wavy: Add effortless movement and flow to your look
• Straight: Achieve sleek, smooth locks that exude confidence
• Ethically sourced from Myanmar (formerly Burma)
• Unparalleled medium-high luster for a truly luxurious look
• Double-drawn and single-wefted for maximum durability and minimal shedding
• Versatile styling options: straighten, dye, press, and revert (Curly); effortless styling (Wavy and Straight)
• Long-lasting: enjoy your hair for 3-5 years or more with proper care
• Available in natural black and dark brown
• Weight: 3.0-3.5 ounces /100g


• Embrace natural variation in curl patterns and color tones (Curly)
• Consider purchasing the complete set for consistency (Curly)
• Don't worry about excess thread on edges – it ensures a secure weft!

**Steam Processing: Other Popular Customizable Textures without harsh chemicals. Bleach/ dye well with all patterns!

* Body Wave
* Deep Curly
* Defined Body Wave
* Kinky Curly
* Loose Wave
* Jerry Curly
* Water Wave
* Afro Curly
* Deep Wave

Please indicate which pattern you would like during checkout. If you need it fast please order the Burmese curly, natural wavy or straight.

* Experience the power of raw hair with Raw Hair Guru

* Preparation time may vary, but the wait is worth it!

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