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Deep curly Premium Quick Weave Brazilian Virgin hair , Mink hair bundles 100g

$97.00 - $200.00

Premium Quick Weave hair quality, Brazilian Mink Virgin hair bundles,
100% human hair weft bundles 100g each.
Excellent quality, soft and silky Brazilian Virgin human hair available in multiple lengths 12-30 inches (Please stretch the hair to straight and then measure.)
Weight: 95-100g (3.3-3.5oz) Bundle.
Brazilian Hair Quality: Ture to Length and Weight,
Soft Smooths bundles, Tangle-free, Minimal Shedding,
Bleached 27 and dye to dark colors, Can last up to 24 months with proper care.
Great value-for-money, 100% human hair quick weave bundles by Raw Hair Guru.

Please include in notes of the # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of the styles needed... ( please note no pattern except straight is exactly as shown.

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12 Inch
Reaches the collarbone. Ultra subtle once applied. Perfect for short bobs or ladies who like short lengths.
14 Inch
Reaches above the bust area. 14-inch weft bundle hair weaves are perfect for everyday length and volume.
Second-shortest length available at Raw Hair Guru.
16 Inch
16-inch Virgin hair bundles reach to the bust line for a natural effect.
Great for working women everyday wear styles.
24 Inch
reaches to the waist. Great for any height and delivers sexy show stopping vibes.

30 -40 Inch
Reaches to well below the hips for that OMG affect!!! 30-40 inch Raw hair extensions are the longest length available from Raw Hair Guru.
For tall ladies who are serious about their length. Provides the ultimate wow factor for those celebrity like Kardashian hair extension flow.
You can restyle with heat to curl and style.

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